Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the floating market

Bangkok was a mad city, but easy to navigate, all the buses an a certain route were the same colour, so we worked out which route looked at the map at the bus stop and waited for the purple bus. Werner developed hepetatis and we had to go to a doctor, where he went on a drip and got the medicine he needed. He needed a few weeks rest, whilst I roamed through the mazes of China town, also got some artwork to do for the "Bangkok Post" newspaper, where some really helpful young English editors were working. They also gave us an idea, to approach some galleries to show our drawings gouaches and water colours. In a modern looking gallery, run by a very elegant young Thai lady, we got invited to show our work a month later. This gave us time, to go to northern Thailand and paint some more.
She also suggested to contact the German Cultural Institute, the "Goethe institute" for help.
Wonderful people, really happy to help us organize it and look after the opening and the invitation..

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