Monday, June 22, 2009

the lama we will never forget

Here he is in the morning sun performing a puja with his dorje and bell
High on a ridge was this very colourful market.
We passed this colourful lama a few times,
and each time he stuck out his tongue and smiled.
We learned to show your tongue means "hi"
He invited us to his place and walked for quite a while
in the fading light up a steep hill to his
wooden house, build a bit like a Swiss Chalet.
He made some delicious simple food,
rice and curried vegetable.
He had a beautiful lady living with him and a young boy,
who helped him
He chanted us to sleep, and tucked us in.
We felt warm, relaxed and safe.
In the morning we tried a few of his magnificent
robes on and took photos.
We thought often about this evening,
and the kindness of this stranger,
with no language in common

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